Electric Heat Gun Adjustable Temperature Lcd Screen

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-----------2000W Professional Industrial Heat Gun -----------

The heat gun adopts double heating wire for fast heating, 2000W high power, the hot air gun can be easily heated up to 600 degrees Celsius in just a few seconds. The unique ring-shaped air outlet design can blow hot air evenly, reduce dead angle, and ensure that the object is heated completely and quickly.

-----------LCD Screen & Adjustable Air Temperature and Speed -----------

Heat gun with LCD screen. The temperature can be rotatably adjusted from 60 degrees Celsius-600 degrees Celsius, and the hot air gun has 2 levels of air speed adjustment. You can adjust the temperature to suit your application and see the temperature display clearly. Our heat guns are also equipped with an overload protection device to prevent damage to the heat gun and circuits.

----------- Ergonomic design -----------

The handle of the hot air gun has an ergonomic non-slip design, which makes it comfortable to use and prevents hands from slipping and strain even after prolonged use. The galvanic steel tube is designed with anti-scald protection for your hands, in addition, we also present a set of gloves to carry them more safely and comfortably during use.

-----------Use in Multiple Scenarios -----------

The heat gun we equip with 4 nozzle accessories, different nozzles can control the air flow and focus the heat on the desired area, suitable for plastic welding, welding, shrink wrapping, paint or adhesive removal, pipe softening, PVC pipe molding, defrosting, rust removal, photo frame plastic sealing and car film sealing and many other scenarios.


Material: Metal + Plastic

Plug: 110V

Power: 2000W

Temperature: 60-600 Celsius

Air volume: 300L/min, 500L/min (adjustable)


1.When the internal temperature of the heat gun is too high, the heat gun will start overheat protection mode and stop the work of the heat gun automatically, and then start heating again when the temperature returns to the normal.

2.The heating coil will glow and may emit some smoke, this is because the new coil has a thin layer of anti-rust coating and the smoke will dissipate quickly. After repeated use, the front tube will turn black, you don't need to worry, this is a normal phenomenon due to high circulation.

3. Do not use it as a hair dryer to blow your hair.

4. Do not point the heat gun directly at people or animals.

5. Do not use it near flammable and combustible gases.

Packing list:

Hot air machine *1

3-section nozzle *1

5-section nozzle *1

Wide jet surface nozzle *1

Reflector nozzle *1

Gloves *1

Manual *1

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