Portable Welding Machine 250A Arc Welding Machine Fully Automatic Industrial-Grade Household Small All-Copper Electric Welding

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Powerful Heat Dissipation: Built-in heat sink and large silent external fan, double heat dissipation design, protect the machine and improve its service life.

Control panel: It has a meter that shows the parameters in use at all times, as well as an LED indicator that can signal overheating, low voltage or short circuits that may be found to prevent accidents.

Perfect for rough use: It has a high-speed motor, power and strength that will give you good results and incredible performance, it is durable and has a large capacity, which makes it perfect for hard work, it is well ventilated so it can be used continuously for several days Time.

Easy to operate, easy to use even for beginners, with clear LCD digital current display and welding mask and gloves included.

MIN energy-saving design: only 1.45KG ultra-light weight, with retractable shoulder straps, easy to carry and long-term exterior welding of roofs, escalators, iron doors, gas pipes, iron frames, machines, billboards, billboards, etc.


Rated power: 3000W

Input voltage: 110V

Frequency: 50/60HZ

Insulation class: F

Charging duration: 60%

Weld thickness: 2-5mm

Electrode diameter: 2.5 electrode

Electrode used: Universal J422

packing list;

1*main frame

1 * welding pliers

1 * ground wire


1 * plug

1*welding rod

1 * slag hammer

1 * Gloves The drill comes with the same accessories as the picture

Seller warranty: 1 month

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