Compressed Air Duster, Cordless, Rechargeable, Powerful 120000RPM, Low Noise Electric Canned Air for Computer Keyboard Cleaner and Drying

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  • High-speed Brushless Motor: The electric air duster has a 120000 RPM motor. 4-gear wind power. Provides potent dust-removing power for practically any task. Ideal for workstations, labs, repair benches, household use, on-location photography, etc. Air blast is consistent and does not get less.
  • Compressed air from keyboard cleaner safely and quickly blows away loose dust, dirt and lint from hard-to-reach areas. Dry wet surface. Ideal for office use including keyboards, CPU, desktops, mouse and drying off resin 3D prints. Also great for home use including camera, silk flower arrangements, repair benches, figurines and blinds. Bought the air blower to dry off resin 3D prints.
  • High Performance Battery: The mini electric duster has a built-in 3300mAh battery that can last for 1 hours. It only takes 2H to fully charge. Bought the electronic cleaner spray to replace the expensive compressed air can. It is a choice to save money and protect the environment.
  • Low noise: Brushless motor is adopted, noise as low as 59dB
  • EASY TO USE: The size of dust spray is only 110*110*40mm, and it weighs only 250g. Smaller than Iphone Max. The computer duster is ergonomic, comfortable to hold in hand. No Charging Cable, use it everywhere you want.
  • The air it sprays out is exactly what you breathe in day to day, no chemical residue danger to sensitive electronics, and no greenhouse gases.
  • Multi Function Mouthpieces: The dust cleaner is equipped with 2 kinds of mouthpieces, which are used with different mouthpieces and have different functions. The flat mouth design is suitable for drying. The round mouth design is suitable for inflating the ballon and cleaning the dust on the surface of keyboard, car and other products.

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